Sinxay book approaches 1st anniversary

Sang Sinxay (Lao: ສັງສິນໄຊ, also known as Sinxay or Sinsai), is a Lao epic poem attributed to a poet reportedly named Pang Kham.

A year ago, Bai and Peter Whittlesey of California released an intriguing new adaptation of the poem. This version raised some excellent questions of how we approach the preservation of our heritage in diaspora. You can obtain a copy at, and the site features many additional articles and information that may be of interest to those who want to know more about this classic character.

The short synopsis of the story is that Sinxay (ສິນໄຊ) must rescue his kidnapped aunt Soumountha (ສູມຸນທາ) from the Nyak Koumphan (ຍັກກູມພັນ).

Sang Sinxay is often regarded as one of the three masterpieces of Lao literature,  popular in Laos and in the Isan region of Thailand, and other parts of Southeast Asia, notably Cambodia.


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