Eye to the Telescope calls for submissions: Alternate Stories/Alternate Realities

The call for poetry submissions has gone out for the next issue of Eye To The Telescope 24, Alternate Stories/Alternate Realities, which will be edited by Alan Ira Gordon, due out in April! He needs your submissions (between 1-5 poems) by March 15th.

Here’s what he’s looking for:

There’s a rich tradition in speculative writing of alternate reality perspectives, poetry included. I’m looking for poetry that spans the wide range of themes within the alternate genre. So send me your poems that speak of alternate timelines, differing universes and realities, histories and pocket universes. Let’s explore together into different perspectives and points of view regarding life, people, places and all manner of situations.

As the great 1980s pop singer Olivia Newton John sang in one particular alternate reality, “Let’s get alternate! Alternate! I wanna get alternate! Let’s get into alternate!” Hopefully your poems will be much better than that cheesy example, but you get the picture. Ranging from satire to sober reflection, all forms and lengths of alternate stories/alternate realities poetry are welcome.


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