Lao Poet Spotlight: linSUN

linSUN is a breath of fresh air! A lifelong student at heart, an educator on Purpose, she is an energetic firefly who holds creative space and energetic healing for others and the world. linSUN encourages and inspires people to be who they really are, and is fueled by her love for children, her family, cultures, and the Earth. A lover of creative expression, storytelling, movement explorations, and speaking one’s Truth… she is honored to create, reflect, and share space with you! linSUN is the creatress of School of Jai, an education and healing movement.

Jai means “Heart” in the Lao Language.  Her family is from Laos and Thailand.  She has spent the past decade holistically educating and empowering youth, working and partnering with families,  embodying creative expression, healing and working in  various communities.  After reflecting on her personal work, she realized her evolution and growth as a spiritual human being comes directly from heart-based experiences, active healing of the jai (heart), community service, social – emotional balancing, and cultivating Passions and Purpose in life.

Her service offerings include:

1)  Holistic Tutoring / Coaching for students- She teaches Heart-Based Strategies and Lessons that cultivate students’ Personal Powers, Confidence, and Internal Willpower.  SOJ  Programs are available for educational organizations. after school programs, juvenile detention centers, foster homes,and community workshops.

2) Energy Healing & Balancing / Reiki Practitioner-  She is a vessel for clients’  universal life energy healing process, and support others to step into their Power, be Conscious of one’s thoughts, and become in tuned with each breath. #Power!

3) Conscious Gatherings & Creative Jam Explorations-  She creates and holds space for others to play, create, and express their jais (hearts) which invites personal and collective healing and transformation.


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